• fatCoffee - the richest, creamiest, most satisfying latte you've ever had - anywhere, anytime.

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  • fatCoffee® makes the richest, most satisfying butter coffee you've ever had - in 60 seconds or less anywhere, anytime

    Imagine having the  steady energy and sustained focus of butter coffee with you wherever you go. Easy-to-carry, simple to mix, non-perishable and made of 100% grass-fed butter and organic coconut oil. The perfect cup, every time.

  • What are we made of?

    100% Grass-Fed, Certified Organic Butter & Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sustainably-harvested, and custom blended.


    A rich, satisfying, nutritionally-dense boost to the start of your day.

    Locally-produced ghee made from 100% grass-fed butter

    Read up on the many benefits of grass-fed butter vs. regular butter, how it supports heart health and in particular why it helps to use organic, grass-fed clarified butter or ghee, like we do! 

    Organic, sustainably-harvested wet-milled Coconut and MCT Oil

    Coconut oil is deeply-satisfying, appetite-reducing, and provides a rich flavor profile while helping to increase your energy. MCT oil adds to these properties and provides additional energy boosting and fat-burning attributes.

    Milk from 100% grass-fed goats

    We use goat milk to help make fatCoffee® portable and easy to mix, and to improve the taste and feel of your fatCoffee®-powered beverage. 

    Easy-to-carry packaging requires no refrigeration and is always ready-to-use

    Our proprietary blend is shelf-stable by design, with no preservatives, no stabilizers and no artificial ingredients. Mix with hot coffee or tea on the go, with no electric blending required. 20-30 seconds of shaking produces a rich, creamy, satisfying, latte-like, drink anywhere, any time.

  • Butter in my coffee? Seriously?

    Maybe you saw someone do it on TV. Or you read about it on a Paleo blog. Or you saw something about it on the internet. Or maybe you've been to Tibet or Nepal, or Ethiopia at some point in the last 1,000 years. Adding a high-quality fat to a hot drink such as tea or coffee has been around a long time.


    Unexpected? Think about what you might put in your coffee today: milk, creamer, or half-and-half. Butter (and ghee) is just way further up the so-creamy-it-tastes-like-heaven curve.


    We love it, and we think you will too! Just give it a try.

    So, can I have this instead of a meal?

    fatCoffee® is nutritionally-dense (about 300 calories per serving, when mixed with 8-12oz of brewed coffee.) Most people tend to have it with a small meal, though. Because fatCoffee contains MCT oil (which is made from coconut oil), it can sometimes cause digestive discomfort if consumed in too large a quantity, or on an empty stomach. A single serving of fatCoffee® contains about 1/2 tablespoon of MCT oil though, and most people don't experience those effects unless they consume more than 3 tablespoons of MCT oil per day.


    But aside from that, fatCoffee® definitely does not contain the full breadth of nutrients that you'd get from meal of real food. So, we think it's an excellent addition to an ancestral/paleo/real food diet, and not a substitute for one.

    How do I actually use this?

    It's simple: you add to your favorite coffee (or other hot beverage; when mixed with herbal fruit-flavored tea, it's like drinking a hot cup of pie), and mix it up!


    fatCoffee is designed to be easily mixed with a hot beverage in order to make a delicious, satisfying, latte-like beverage anywhere, anytime. There are a couple of ways of mixing it up, as we've detailed here.

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